Magic of Fireworks

By Kiran T. Nathan

August 1, 2010

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Category: Fire, Fireworks, Night


Magic in the sky during Pohang International Fireworks, July 2010. Created by Japan..
During the show, they had made a face, heart symbol, the word “POHANG” among with various other shapes, all using co-ordinated and synchronized fireworks.

Made me think… What can man not do???


6 Responses to “Magic of Fireworks”

  1. beautiful

  2. da kidilan shot…….. (the fire works)………

  3. sheer awesomeness!!!

    mail me a high quality version of this pic if u can… 4 wallpaper.. 🙂

  4. @ lakshmi, nikhil: Thank you da.. 🙂

  5. @ Anoop: Have emailed you.. Feeling privileged to have my pic as a wallpaper in your comp.. 🙂

    @ Halley: Thank you dude… 🙂 Keep visiting..

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