Standing Tall.. All Alone…

By Kiran T. Nathan

November 15, 2008


Category: Trees


Memory from my visit to Asan, 7th November 2008..


8 Responses to “Standing Tall.. All Alone…”

  1. It gives me resemblance of a Fearless self-realized man!

  2. Yes .. it does .. doesnt it?? A matured and lonely man ..

  3. The meadow is also amazing!

  4. Yeah. It was pretty beautiful… ^^

  5. 예쁜 가을:)

  6. 응 응 … 진짜 예뻤어 … ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 오….

    정말 키란을 보고 많이 놀라게 되네요..



    구경 잘했어요^^

  8. @ 정태화 : 고마워요!! 우리 한번 만나서 한잔 할래요 ? ^^

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