Purple Princess!!!

By Kiran T. Nathan

November 13, 2008


Category: Flowers


Effect of Autumn Season in SNU Campus!! Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty…


4 Responses to “Purple Princess!!!”

  1. No flowers in our campus 😦 only dogs,snakes,frogs and more snakes 😀

  2. @ Deepti : Hmm I had heard about the recent developments.. Even saw the video as well.. Wow .. the snake was big … Is anything being done for removing the danger ??

  3. @kiran : no idea man!! It took almost 2 years 4 our administration to wake up and do something to get rid of the innumerable number of dogs! M thinking of developing a hobby – hunting..might be a sort of social service for the betterment of our community 😀

  4. @ deepti: lol!! what a noble idea!! 🙂

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