Reflections of Purity …


5 Responses to “Reflections of Purity …”

  1. Fantastic Photo!
    I really wonder how you and some others shoot such great photos.

  2. put a watermark or ur name or something on ur pics … !! otw some will be publishing them some whr with they name on .. !!

  3. great shot love it

  4. @ Devansh: I guess its just the right timing and the right perspective.. There is no big difference between photos taken between a $200 and a $5000 camera.. seriously.. i can prove it if you want me too 🙂

  5. @ Anks : Hmm i should have .. but i think that a watermark would diminish the appeal .. 🙂 .. Thanks for the suggestion though.. 🙂

    @ Srikanth : Thanks mate…

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