Twilight @ Suwon Fortress

By Kiran T. Nathan

October 16, 2008

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Category: Fortress, History



8 Responses to “Twilight @ Suwon Fortress”

  1. The colors are good, but I feel that there is lot of “unwanted ground” which is kind of distracting and taking the eye away from the beautiful colors!

  2. Great combination of colors, but i do agree with swetha ground is distracting !

  3. I still feel that there is too much in the photo. I guess you want the focus to be on the fortress and the colors; but somehow the extra detail all around is distraction. Do you have anything with just the fortress and a little more sky?

  4. I think, the main thing (the balcony/shelter/portico) should occupy a good part of the picture. You should have taken the front elevation of the fort.

  5. @ Swetha and asr : Now that you guys mentioned that I totally agree that the pic would have been better the way you guys suggested.. Next time for sure .. 🙂

  6. Good. Very Nice

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